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Service & Repairs To Keep Your Garage Doors & Openers Running Smoothly. 

Garage doors are one of the most important parts of your home or business. They provide convenience, shelter, security and also add to the design of your commercial or residential property. But when garage doors break down, it can be a major inconvenience. Our experienced technicians are familiar with all of the different types of garage doors and openers on the market and can repair them all.

Long Island's Top Garage Door Parts Repair & Replacement Company.

Below are many the most common repairs that we perform on commercial and residential garage doors. Contact us to discuss how your garage door is performing so that we can help.


Garage Door Rolling Grilles Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Hinges Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Rollers Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Track Hangers Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Weather Seals Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Section Panels Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Cable Drums Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Torsion Springs Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Tracks Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Slats Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Brackets Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Extension Springs Repair Or Replacement


Garage Door Weatherstripping Repair Or Replacement

Garage doors have a lot of mechanical moving parts and therefore can wear over time.

Constant every day use means maintenance or even emergency repair at times. If your garage doors on your residential or commercial property are at fault, contact Ed Mojica Installations conveniently located on the Nassau Suffolk border in Farmingdale Long Island. We have access to all of the parts from all of the top manufacturers I am an experienced team of installers that can get your garage doors back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Repair & Part Replacement Services For Garage Doors Openers.

Below are some of the garage door opener parts that we repair or replace for commercial or residential garage doors. Call us to discuss how your garage door opener is performing so that we can help.

Garage door opener remote repair replacement long island

Garage Opener Replacement Remotes

Garage opener chain belt repair replacement long island

Garage Opener Cable/Chain Repair

Garage door opener key pad repair replacement Long island

Garage Opener Key Pad Repair


Garage Opener Trolly Repair

Garage door opener sensor repair replacement Long island

Garage Opener Sensor Repair


Garage Opener Motor Repair


Garage Opener Circuit Board Repair


Garage Opener Cord Assembly Repair


Garage Opener Capacitor Repair

If your commercial or residential garage door opener is not functioning properly, we can repair or replace parts or the entire unit, depending on the severity of the issue. Ed Mojica Installations can troubleshoot any aspect of your garage door opener quickly. We then explain to you what parts need to be repaired or replaced. Often, we can supply  parts quickly so that your garage door opener is fixed and back to working properly the same day. If your garage door opener is not operating properly, give us a call and schedule us to come out and inspect it.

Preventive Maintenance Services To Keep Garage Doors & Openers Reliable.


Service and repair your garage doors and openers regularly to keep them running smoothly.

Keep your residential or commercial garage doors and openers working at optimal performance with regularly scheduled preventive maintenance services from Ed Mojica Installations. We can educate you on how your system works and together create a plan to keep moving parts lubricated, balanced and aligned. We can also test safety features to prevent any potential accidents. Extend the life of your garage doors and openers in Nassau Suffolk Long Island with garage doors and openers repairs and preventive maintenance services by Ed Mojica Installations.

Have A Garage Door Or Opener In Need Of Repair In Nassau/Suffolk Long Island? Call EMI Today.

 Garage doors and parts can get damaged or fail due to accidents or worn parts at any time without notice. Because of this, we offer quick service anywhere in Nassau, Suffolk Long Island. Our team is always ready to arrive equipped with the right parts and experience. All you have to do is call and let us know what the issue is. So keep us on file in case your residential or commercial garage door is inoperable for any reason. 

For Garage Door & Opener Parts & Repair, Remember EMI, Nassau/Suffolk Long Island.
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